Budi believes that hair styling is not simply a matter to shape hair but to reveal beauty and reflect the individual and its occasion. Budi admires the embodiment of hair in its nature and suitability. Every cut and colour is created, correspond to face shape of clients and is technically precise, easy to maintain, moving freely but staying in shape.


Born in Solo, the centre of cultural of Indonesia, Budi highly admired the values of traditional heritage hair design and costume since his early age. The talent has inspired the road path of his life and dedication to invent techniques that define the edge of hair creativity.


Budi started his profession in Yogyakarta at a community salon and gradually progress to Jakarta. Starting as assistant to hair stylist, today Budi has been recognized as one among the prime stylist of Indonesia.


Budi has enhanced international expertise through interactive programs in hair styling and salon management in Sydney, London and Toronto. Participating in various hair & fashion agenda in Asia and Europe, Budi realized there is endless style of innovations and synergy link of hair and fashion in the world. Such enthusiasm to the principal of hair techniques has lead Budi to innovate the freedom ideas that anticipate the creative looks with stunning shapes and colours.


The born talent and the effortless techniques innovation that transform the world of hair, has made Budi a great stylist that has the modalities to significantly impress his clients. Budi is confidence to rely on satisfaction of clients and harmonious team-work with other stylist to endure coherences in salon industry and create employment opportunity towards sustainability of the next generation through fashion and hair.

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